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    Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decoration board installation is divided into keel fixed installation method and non keel fixed installation method. For some buildings whose walls have not been painted and leveled, external thermal insulation of external walls or facade transformation, it is recommended to adopt the keel fixed installation method. On the one hand, the wall surface is smooth after the installation of hanging plate, on the other hand, the screw pulling force at the fixed position is high and safe (as shown on the left below). For buildings with good wall flatness or thin insulation layer, from the perspective of construction convenience and economy, it is recommended to adopt non keel fixed installation method (as shown in the figure on the right below).


    Keel fixing installation method:

    Installation procedure

    1. Check whether the wall to be installed is flat and remove the wall obstacles

    2. Find out the horizontal datum of the wall to be installed, and mark the four sides of the wall to be installed for keel installation

    The keel and keel can also be fixed with steel keel of 50 cm * 3. The keel is fixed on the wall with a spacing of 60 cm in the vertical direction, and the fixing parts can be steel nails or expansion screws. If wood keel is required to be anti-corrosion material or wood treated with anti-corrosion liquid and asphalt, reinforced keel shall be laid around doors and windows. (as shown in Figure 1, 2 and 5 are wood keel installation. Figure 3, 4 and 6 show the installation of light steel keel)

    4. Install the first layer of Jianyuan hanging board (bottom plate) from the bottom, and fix the hanging plate on the keel with shooting nails or 3.5cm long self tapping screw; note: if self tapping is used The screw should be pre drilled with twist drill, and the nail head should be sunk 0.5-1 mm into the hanging board plane. The nail head position should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and leveled with external wall putty (as shown in Fig. 9 and 10). The distance between the nail hole on the board and the upper edge of the board should not be less than 1.2 cm, preferably 1.5 cm, and 2 cm away from the ends of the two end plates (as shown in Fig. 7 and 8)

    5. Use the same fixing method to install the second Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decoration panel (the upper and lower hanging plates overlap to cover 2.5cm), and install other hanging plates (as shown in FIG. 11 and 12). Note: when the wall width exceeds the length of the hanging plate, the interface of the two hanging plates on the same horizontal line should be on the keel, instead of hanging connection (as shown in FIG. 13, 14)

    9. After the installation of Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decorative panel, clean brush or towel shall wipe the dust or oil on the board surface before painting. The acrylic exterior wall coating is the best, and one bottom and two sides are painted on the surface of the hanging board (as shown in Fig. 23 / 24).

    Handling and storage of Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decorative panel:

    Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decorative panel is a long strip board. It is suggested that the board should be lifted by two people at the same time, with a distance of 50 cm from the end of the board (as shown in Fig. 33 and 34)

    Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decorative board should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. If conditions permit, damp proof pad can be padded under the board stack and covered with rainproof cloth (as shown in Fig. 35 / 36).

    6. The horizontal joint of Jianyuan new wood grain exterior wall decorative panel shall be reserved with 3-5mm joint. After fixing as required, the joint shall be repaired with coated polyurethane adhesive (pu25) or tile adhesive; one end of the hanging board shall be naturally close to the inner or outer corner, and appropriate gap shall be reserved for sealing with glue or tile adhesive; after the last hanging board is installed on the top, the hanging board and the top cornice shall be sealed The joint should also be sealed with glue or tile adhesive to achieve waterproof purpose (as shown in FIG. 15 and 16)

    7. When the hanging plate is installed to the position of door and window, the hanging plate with corresponding shape shall be cut according to the shape of door pocket and window sleeve for installation, so as to avoid through seam and in phase

    The joint is filled with silica gel or tile adhesive to avoid through seam and water leakage.

    8. The hanging board at the junction of two adjacent walls (i.e., internal corner and external corner) needs to be closed. The common treatment method is 45 degree chamfering joint (as shown in the figure)

    17 / 18 / 19 / 20) and closing with special angle bead (Fig. 21 / 22). The internal corner only needs two hanging plates with the same level of adjacent walls

    90 degrees mutually vertical fixed, in the joint glue for sealing treatment.

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