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    Joint treatment

    Jianyuan board is composed of a variety of organic and inorganic materials, and is produced by high-temperature autoclave curing special technology. It has good stability. As long as the professional construction method and necessary embedded materials are cooperated, it can ensure the creation of a perfect space without cracking of Jianyuan board partition wall and ceiling system. When Jianyuan board is used in various structures of buildings, the joints of the board are treated with open and hidden joints

    Construction steps

    1. After cleaning the dust at the joint, sweep a layer of white emulsion glue at the joint to achieve better anti cracking effect

    2. Insert the putty evenly and fully into the joint with a scraper

    3. Immediately after the first step is completed, the self-adhesive fiber mesh belt shall be plastered and pressed completely on the putty, and then a thin layer of putty shall be pressed on the mesh belt

    4. (in order to further strengthen the crack prevention effect, the last layer should be fully dried for hours, and the wet weather time will be increased). After that, it is slightly wider than the chamfering area of the joint and slightly higher than that of the plate

    5. When it is completely dry, use sandpaper to polish and polish the embedded surface to make the whole board smooth


    Before caulking:

    ·At least 4 hours after loading until the moisture content of the board is balanced with the air temperature

    ·Clean the joint surface

    ·Antirust the self tapping screws

    When caulking:

    ·Working at temperature ≥ 5 ℃

    ·When the caulking material is thick, a little white latex can be added for thinning

    ·If the caulking is divided into two parts, the second layer should be greasy until the upper layer is completely dried

    ·Putty drying degree is slow, but can not go back and forth for many times to avoid affecting the setting effect

    ·In addition, it can not be mixed with other materials such as gypsum powder, talcum powder and double fly powder rod

    ·The mesh belt must be completely covered with putty at the joint, and it is not allowed to be exposed outside the caulking material

    ·If the putty is not used immediately, it should be sealed with seal

    After caulking:

    ·After the putty is completely dry, it can be polished and sanded

    ·After cleaning the surface of the plate, decoration simulation can be carried out

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