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    Storage and handling:

    Through proper construction, we can not only obtain excellent quality of ceiling or partition wall, but also ensure its firmness and durability. And the storage and handling of products, also need to master the correct method of handling and storage, in order to ensure the good state of products.


    1. Ensure that the storage place is dry and free of water leakage and seepage;

    2. Each stack should be tarpaulin or nylon bag;

    3. It is not suitable to erect or slant pelagic Willie plates;

    4. The maximum height of each stack is less than or equal to 0.8m. If two or more stacks are stacked, the total storage height is less than or equal to 2.5m.


    Keep away from dampness, and keep it indoors to level and firm ground

    Stacking height




    1. It is forbidden to carry by one person and pay attention to the corner protection;

    2. When two people lift the board together, both hands should be separated as far as possible to hold up the long side of the board to prevent excessive bending of the board.

    3. When the thickness of two plates is less than 8mm, it is recommended to transport two plates at a time.

    4. It is better to erect the board for transportation. When carrying, both hands should be separated as far as possible to hold up the long side of the board.


    Machining and cutting:

    The material and density of Jianyuan board give it excellent processing performance, and the randomness of cutting can be nailed, sawed, planed and drilled. Universality of machining tools: power tools or hand tools

    The cutting of Jianyuan board is extremely simple. Manual or electric cutting tools (such as cutter, woodworking saw or carbide saw) can be used. The plate and cutting must be balanced in the cutting process to prevent the irregular notch on the edge of the plate. When cutting, the plate face up. Curve saws can be used in some special shapes. In order to ensure the sanitation and environmental protection of the construction site, it is better to use the electric cutting machine with vacuum cleaner

    matters needing attention

    Cut the building board in open outdoor or well ventilated environment;

    Use electric cutting equipment with vacuum cleaner;

    Cutting operators should wear masks;

    · the residual dust of plate processing should be absorbed by vacuum cleaner or cleaned after watering. The cleaned dust should be placed in the garbage bag to avoid dust flying;

    The leftover sheet materials can be treated as construction waste to avoid damaging the ecological environment;

    The installation process shall be operated according to the engineering safety requirements

    Tool pictures (cutter, woodworking saw, electric saw)


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