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    Fair faced board is also called as fair faced external wall hanging board. It belongs to building decoration cement plate, and can also be called fair faced concrete slab. Because its surface color is similar to that of concrete, so it is named. Fair faced board has excellent decorative effect. It belongs to one-time pouring molding, without any external decoration, and directly adopts the natural surface effect of cast-in-place concrete as the facing, so it does not Similar to ordinary concrete, the surface is smooth and smooth, the color is uniform, the edges and corners are clear, and there is no damage and pollution. Only one or two layers of transparent protective agent is applied on the surface, which is very natural and solemn. The softness, hardness, warmth and indifference of materials not only affect people's senses and spirit, but also express architectural emotions.

    Jiangxi ocean Willy Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fiber cement products. It has nearly 20 years of industrial experience in the production and research and development of fiber cement products. The product has been widely used in Japan, South Korea, Russia, the United States, Europe and other countries. It is a kind of cement fiber products, with high-quality high-grade cement as the basic material and natural plants Fiber and auxiliary materials are used to modify cement, which is formed by advanced production process, and processed by special technologies such as pressure and steam curing. The characteristics of the pelagic wallboard are as follows:

    1. Unique appearance: Ocean Willy fair faced board adopts high density fiber cement board as the base material, through systematic processing, pre coating and other surface treatment processes, it forms the interior and exterior wall decoration effect with lifelike fair faced concrete effect. Through the design of grid layout of the facade, the open joints, Zen joints, bolt holes and surface texture and texture of cast-in-place concrete are imitated to achieve the unity of point, line and surface. A large area of pure tone, making the overall style clear and natural, pure and simple. Unexpectedly enriched the artistic conception of space, ingenious to the details, elegant and extraordinary as a whole!

    2. Superior quality: at present, there are more decorative boards imitated from fair faced boards and fair faced boards decorated and polished by pouring cement boards. These two kinds of boards are not as good as the fair faced boards processed with high-density fiber cement boards. This is due to the difficulty in the production of high-density fiber cement boards. High density fiber cement boards are high-density products of fiber-reinforced cement boards, which need to be produced After a thousand tons of pressure, no press manufacturers can not produce. This is also the reason why the price of good fair faced board is more expensive.

    3. Fire prevention and flame retardant: Ocean Willy Water Board meets the national A1 fire protection standard, and the high-density fiber cement board material is inorganic and can not be burned, and it will not emit toxic gas due to the rise of temperature. In case of fire, the fire can be effectively controlled in the initial unit.

    4. Light weight and high strength: the method of plate makes its self weight light. The fiber cement composition is stable after being pressed by the press, which achieves the condition of light weight and high strength, and greatly reduces the foundation load of keel and building.

    5. Thermal insulation: Ocean Willy water board has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect. It is an ideal insulation material, thus reducing the energy consumption of space heating and air conditioning.

    6. Sound absorption and anti-seismic: the density of the board is high, and the keel is filled with rock wool, which can achieve better sound insulation effect. Its own weight is light, and the light steel structure is more conducive to building earthquake resistance.

    7. Moisture proof and durability: high density fiber cement board is selected as the base material of ocean Willy fair faced board, which has strong impermeability, physical property is equivalent to concrete, and its strength and hardness increase with time. After installation, the board has anti-corrosion and super weatherability. Even in the open and semi exposed environment, it can maintain the stability of performance and reduce the water between the building and the external hanging structure Vapor penetration.

    8. Green safety: after high pressure steam curing and installation, the plate will not shrink, expand or bend, and will not deform or deteriorate due to the change of environment, temperature and humidity

    9. Fast construction: the dry construction method is adopted in plate construction, which is simple and quick to install, shorten the construction period and reduce the labor cost.

    10. Easy to decorate: Ocean Willy water board has accurate specification and size, smooth surface, easy to handle both indoor and outdoor, and can be painted with cement board protective agent.

    Ocean Willy's instruction board is mainly used in the wall panel, logo wall, ceiling and partition wall of various industrial and commercial projects, such as home decoration, external wall, decorative interior wall, subway, tunnel and other indoor projects.

    Common specification: 1220 * 2440 * 8-12mm

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