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    Fireproof FCA board
    Date: 2019-08-02    Views: 2682

    The performance of fire-resistant FCA board is introduced in detail

    Fire proof FCA board, real board is not afraid of fire

    A1 grade fireproof board, low density, more fireproof, environmental protection and formaldehyde free

    1、 FCA board, very fireproof!

    Fire resistant FCA board is a series of plates which focus on fire resistance of ocean Willy company. Compared with the traditional fiber cement board and calcium silicate board products, the raw material ratio and production process of fire-proof FCA board are slightly different. Alumina, mica, kaolin and other raw materials with outstanding fire-proof ability are added in the formula proportion. The process emphasizes on reducing the density of the board and improving the internal space molecular structure of the board, so as to achieve the goal of reducing the thermal conductivity and improving the fire resistance performance.

    Fire resistant FCA board does not burn at 800 ℃ and has no flame at 1200 ℃. It reaches the highest fire-proof and incombustible level A1. If there is a fire, the continuous combustion time of the board is zero and no toxic smoke is produced. The low thermal conductivity makes the flame temperature unable to penetrate the plate, and can absorb a large amount of heat in the process of combustion when encountering fire, thus delaying the rise of ambient temperature.

    Physical performance data

    2、 Full range of fire protection raw materials! Good board, from birth

    1. Alumina: fireproof FCA board contains more than 15% alumina. Alumina with 2054 ℃ melting point brings superior fireproof performance and improves the strength of the board.

    2. Mica: light weight, heat insulation, reduce the weight of the plate, reduce the thermal conductivity, improve the thermal insulation and fire resistance of the plate.

    3. Kaolin: the fire resistance is over 1500 ℃, and the addition of kaolin improves the binding force and fire resistance of the plate.

    4. Tobermorite crystal: tobermorite crystal formed by the combination of inorganic siliceous and calcareous materials increases the strength and fire resistance of the plate. At the same time, the density of the board and the space between molecules are controlled to make the fireproof FCA board have a lower thermal conductivity.

    Density analysis of fire-resistant FCA board:

    The density of the fireproof FCA board is less than 1.1g/cm3. Uniform, fine and solid micropores can absorb a lot of heat energy and delay the increase of ambient temperature. In the environment of explosion, the powder splash will not be produced, which will reduce the secondary injury to the escaping personnel.

    3、 In depth analysis of fire protection data of FCA board. Real fire prevention, we should dare to show the data!

    1. Temperature rise in furnace (test time is 30-60 minutes, temperature rise of materials in furnace is 750 ℃): the national standard requires that the temperature should be less than or equal to 30 ℃, and the measured data can only raise the temperature by 4 ℃.

    Data analysis: when the fire continues to burn, the temperature change caused by the fire-resistant FCA board is only 4 ℃, which will not have a more serious impact on the temperature rise of the fire environment.

    2. Continuous combustion time (burning time of materials): required by national standard = 0 s, measured data = 0 s.

    Data analysis: fire resistant FCA board, will not burn.

    3. Mass loss rate: national standard requirements ≤ 50.0%, measured data 33.6%

    Data analysis: the fire-resistant FCA board has a large internal space of molecules, so it will gradually lose mass in the case of combustion, without bursting and splashing, which will cause secondary injury to personal safety.

    4. Calorific value (maximum total heat release after complete combustion): national standard requirements ≤ 2.0 MJ / kg, measured data 0.4 MJ / kg

    Data analysis: the total heat release value of fire-resistant FCA board after complete combustion is only 0.4 MJ / kg.

    It belongs to A1 grade fireproof material, and the data of fireproof FCA board is excellent! Bring you a real sense of security!

    The above data is the measured data of FCA Board sent by our company to the national quality supervision and Testing Center for fire protection building materials, report no. 2017100080. During production, raw materials and processes of different batches will change slightly, which has a slight impact on the data.

    4、 Fire resistant FCA board, all-round safety of your space

    It's time to say goodbye to those materials with only fire rating of B, which are really called fire-retardant board and flame retardant board.
    It's time for you to use real fire boards!

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