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    Influence of pollution of central air conditioning duct ventilation system on air conditioning energy consumption
    Date: 2014-02-20    Views: 2319

    Influence of pollution of central air conditioning duct ventilation system on air conditioning energy consumption


    Central air conditioning is an indispensable part of modern intelligent buildings. The air conditioning energy consumption increases due to the pollution of ventilation pipes. Through the calculation of wind resistance of various parts of central air conditioning pipe ventilation system and the comparison of fan energy consumption before and after pollution, the influence of ventilation pipeline pollution on air conditioning energy consumption is elaborated. It provides theoretical basis for energy saving and consumption reduction.

    Today, with the rapid economic development, a large number of advanced equipment and corresponding supporting equipment are widely used in all kinds of buildings. The central air conditioning system has become one of the important symbols of modern building technology. It is an indispensable infrastructure for modern buildings to create comfortable and efficient working and living environment. Its energy consumption often accounts for more than 50% of the total energy consumption of the whole building. Therefore, the central air conditioning system is an extremely important Bailey piece in modern buildings, especially in modern intelligent buildings, the central air conditioning system is an indispensable part. Therefore, it is very important to study the energy consumption of central air conditioning system. The goal of the research on energy consumption of air conditioning system is how to use energy on the premise of creating a good indoor small environment to achieve the minimum damage to the external environment, so as to achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development.

    The impact of pollutants on energy consumption in the ventilation duct system is firstly reflected in the air supply and return system. A large amount of dust and particles gather on the inner wall of the air supply and return pipe, which reduces the performance of the air valve and air pipe; at the same time, it reduces the speed of air supply and return, and the amount of air supply and return, and increases the energy consumption of the fan.

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